We do much more than just commercial EPC inspections, we have the full package!

Although LJ Energy Survey’s core business is commercial EPC inspection, we not only provide the relevant certificates to prove a buildings energy efficiency, we aim to help clients improve on the efficiency of their building fabric, aswell as making the most efficient use of the building via its utilities.

A recent case in question was a long-time repeat customer who came to us with the request for an epc on one of their buildings.

Unfortunately, as the building turned out to be an ‘F’ rating after inspection, the client, intending to rent the property out, was unable to do so under current government legislation.

The client had been concerned prior to inspection about the rating, so along with the commecial epc inspection, we paid particular attention to the lighting on site.

Following the inspection we were able to draft the epc as we had inspected it, an ‘F’, and provide a draft epc showing how the installation of LED lighting would improve the rating, to a point where he could grant a new lease on the property.

The client was happy with the improved rating, and asked ourselves to provide a quote for the supply only, and the supply and fit of LED lighting.

Again the client was satisfied with the costings, and because we had done the initial inspection, and as the client purchased the LED’s from ourselves, we were able to lodge the upgraded EPC at no additional cost on the original EPC price.

After further discussions with the client regarding the gas and electric supply to the property, he allowed us, in partnership with SwitchAid, to provide a quote for the supply of both gas and electric.

Together with SwitchAid we were able to show the client a saving of 30% on his current annual supply, and he was more than happy to proceed with switch.

So from a client who was concerned about the rating of one of their buildings , and possibly being unable to lease it, they now have a building which can be leased, has an improved energy efficiency rating which is saving them each year, and have the most competitive utility supplies which is helping them save even more each year.

So, LJ Energy Surveys = The Full Package!!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact LJ Energy Surveys. Or to directly book an EPC for one of your buildings please visit our request an inspection page.