Does a New Build Need an EPC?

Every new non-domestic building must demonstrate their energy credentials via an EPC for a new building, and this is done using SBEM Calculations standard assessment procedure.

SBEM stands for ‘Simplified Building Energy Model’.

What are new build SBEM calculations?

New buildings must demonstrate their compliance to Building Regulations, and in particular Part L2A, this is the part of Building Regulations that relates to energy performance for non-domestic buildings.

The Compliance of the building must be shown at both design and ‘as-built’ stages. Building control will usually request a BRUKL report (sample link below). It is vitally important to ensure the correct certificate is produced in order to secure sign off with the local authority Building Control. Building control will not issue a certificate of completion until they are satisfied this has been done.

At design stage the assessor will use SBEM calculation assessment software to demonstrate the predicted building performance. This software outputs the results in the ‘BRUKL report’. This firstly shows how the building measures up against the carbon emissions target (Target Emission Rate). The accredited assessor will use a combination of architects plans and drawings, together with detailed information relating to construction, heating, lighting and ventilation amongst others.

It is crucial that if any renewable energy sources to maximise energy efficiency and minimise energy costs, are to be incorporated into the building, such as solar / PV panels, or ground or air source heat pumps, the full details of these are given to the assessor before the SBEM calculation is made, as these would be recommendations the assessor may make following the failure of the BRUKL report.


The BRUKL report shows the results of the input data and how the fabric of the building, and the fixed services such as heating, lighting & hot water rate against minimum standards laid down by Building Regulations.

The BRUKL also measures how solar gains within each zone have been limited, to reduce the risks of overheating.

Should the BRUKL report show a fail against Building Control Regulations, then the areas that fail are shown up in red, allowing the assessor to make suggestions to the client as to replacement products, with better energy saving values or ‘U’ VALUES as they are known in the industry.

The same inputs and software can then be used to produce a new build energy performance certificate following construction, which Building Control may also request.


LJ Energy Surveys can provide SBEM calculations and new build EPCs for a range of commercial properties, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Leisure centres
  • Hospitals
  • Retail shops
  • Offices
  • Hotels

LJ Energy Surveys are qualified and expert energy assessors helping building owners satisfy the requirements of the EPC regulations. Although based in South Shields, Tyne & Wear, cover the whole of the North East on a daily basis, we can however offer site visits and quotations on Commercial EPC’s throughout the UK.

For more information on our Commercial EPC certificate services please contact us or click here to request an inspection.

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LJ Energy Surveys provide a fast, professional and competitive service and with the added guarantee of regular audits by the accreditation schemes, you can instruct LJ Energy Surveys with total confidence.

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