During this difficult, uncertain time, LJ Energy Surveys are continuing to carry out commercial EPC inspections on certain properties. With the backing of all accreditation schemes, and following the strict guidelines laid down by the government, we are offering inspections on any vacant, or empty property.

We can arrange inspection times to suit any clients needs, whether the property is currently unoccupied, or can be opened after staff hours to allow our assessors unaccompanied access.

Assessors will arrive at site, follow strict industry guidelines, sanitising hands prior to the inspection, distancing between themselves and the person allowing access to the property, the wearing of protective gloves during the inspection, and the sanitising of hands after inspection.

LJ Energy Surveys are striving to maintain a service for clients, whilst ensuring the safety of all involved.

Although we appreciateĀ  this is a very difficult time for businesses which have had to temporarily close or reduce business, it may also provide a time for an EPC inspection which has been needed, but has been delayed because of the disruption to staff and process it may cause.

As well as possibly requiring an EPC for lease renewal or sale in the near future, now could be an ideal time for your company to instruct an EPC with the intention of creating the recommendation report which could show energy and cost saving measures which can lead to reducing running costs of the business, which could be a massive help when business returns to some sort of normality.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact LJ Energy Surveys. Or to directly book an EPC for one of your buildings please visit our request an inspection page.

And most importantly stay safe.