What should you look for when choosing a commercial EPC assessor?

What Is A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate?

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is required whenever a building is sold, rented or even built. Before selling or renting out a commercial property, an EPC must be ordered before it goes to market. Finding the right commercial EPC assessor is of particular importance as without the right certificate, you are leaving yourself exposed to penalty charges.

What To Consider When Choosing An EPC Assessor

Before you go ahead and you choose an assessor for commercial EPC North East or anywhere in the UK, you must consider that the assessor must be accredited to government standards. Commercial EPC’s can only be produced by those who are qualified Non-Domestic Energy Assessor, and they must be a member of one of the official accreditation bodies. A fully qualified, insured and accredited member is the only allowed way to order a new EPC

How To Get A Commercial EPC

Searching for the EPC assessor in your area is important as you need someone who is qualified and knows the area well, we cover the whole of the UK. Making an appointment for the assessor to carry out the commercial EPC survey is the first step, and the Energy Performance Certificate can be produced by the same assessor who carries out the survey. They will then email it to your solicitor, if you have one in place at the latest seven days before a property goes to market, you will avoid a fine.

The commercial EPC contains all the information required to catogorise a property’s energy use. The typical energy costs as well as recommendations about saving money and reducing energy use are all within the EPC, and it gives the property an energy efficiency rating. This rating goes from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least. An EPC is valid for ten years, and you must renew this every ten years to remain compliant. Every single property that is commercially used and is sold or let must have an Energy Performance Certificate within seven days of going on the market.

There are 21 days allowed for the acquisition of the EPC and it’s after this time that a fine can be imposed. Choosing the right commercial EPC assessor means choosing someone who is commercially qualified and understands the law. All non-domestic buildings that are being constructed for sale or rent need a Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate as well as a Recommendation Report. With this information, owners and tenants are able to make the building more energy efficient, and they can then compare the performance of their building with others of the same caliber. All larger buildings require a yearly commercial Display Energy Certificate and this highlights their energy performance and it has to be displayed openly for the public to see.

With the right commercial EPC assessors, your building will have a correct energy rating and you will not be liable for fines. Make your appointment as early as possible so that you can ensure that you are acting within the law while protecting your buyers and renters alike.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact LJ Energy Surveys. Or to directly book an EPC for one of your buildings please visit our request an inspection page.